The Future of Fashion

Fashion culturally, economically, emotionally and even politically plays a huge fundamental part of our lives and sets us apart visually. We are responsible and vulnerable to the threats of climate change, resource shortages and other issues that will shape the future of fashion. As we approach climate catastrophes one after another, business as usual is no longer an option, we need nothing short of transformational change. Let’s join together under overwhelming uncertainty and make a business change for a better future.


As the future demand is changing with new technology we want to ensure our future is passed the knowledge and skill of fashion garment making. Combining a percentage of our profits and government funding, we are working to build our fashion house. Our vision and focus for our learning facility is to teach the skills behind fashion; sewing, pattern making, designing and creation.


We have long term sources and supplier partners that we work closely with to develop right-on trending fabrics and innovative key ingredients.  Traveling overseas and visiting trade shows, we continuously find new innovative products and fabrics.

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The studio will have our own sewing room, pattern, and grading system with a dying facility nearby.  As we complete our fashion house, we are working to expand our studio and local production, design and development capabilities.
The faciltiy will provide a quick turn-around on sampling, fittings, and correspondence.  With your help and support, we have projections of launching as early as 2021.

Fashion With Conscious

Our mission is to guarantee, not only the success, but also the growth rate in an eco-conscious approach to fashion business.  We aim to reach our environmental saving goals and provide more help to our local community through foundations.

Thoughtful Discovery and Development

We are driven to find new innovations and develop the right product for the purpose envisioned. Aiming to give choices that are Eco-Conscious and good quality as we strongly believe in Looking Good, Feeling Good and Doing Good.

Realism and Vision

Commercially Feasible Development. We make sure that all developments are within costing margins and still obtain the correct marketing to visualize the product creation.

There is No "I" in Team...

We strongly believe in uniting and collaborating with you to bring your visions to life. We have an innovative strategy and a powerful team to guide you through and develop your concepts in a practical, efficient and cost-effective way.